The McGrann Difference

The paper business is changing. Manufacturers are forced to reach far beyond their effective footprint and buyers are faced with less cost effective sourcing options. McGrann meets these challenges by bringing mills to markets and delivering supply chain solutions our competitors can’t match.

Our People

No matter how much our company has grown over the past 40 years, what has remained consistent is our dedication to putting our customers first, investing in the most talented, devoted team and delivering undeniable economic results.

With hundreds of years of combined industry experience, you can count on our team for the most in-depth paper knowledge around. We know what works, and what doesn’t. We identify trends and opportunities that lead to unmatched value solutions for our customers.

Meet the Company

We have the paper you need, when you need it, at competitive prices. That’s our promise.

Our Heritage

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As part of our commitment to staying on the forefront of the industry, we’ve integrated cutting-edge technology and real-time data with our timeless service to boost your efficiency and performance.


If you are involved in the “paper business”, you are well aware of the environmental stigma that surrounds our industry. Although the majority of attacks against our industry are founded under false premises, McGrann Paper Corporation take our environmental responsibility very seriously. More than 98% of the product we stock in our distribution facilities is delivered over the rail.

Countless studies conclude that rail shipments are at a minimum 3x’s more fuel efficient per ton than road trucks. Using our more than 20 distribution facilities, all of which are rail served and generally located within 100 miles or less from our customers, we minimize the delivery effects of our products on the environment.